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Dwayne Johnson
Luke Hobbs

Birth Name: Dwayne Douglas Johnson
Nickname: The Rock
Birth Date: May 2, 1972
Birth Place: Hayward, California, U.S.A
Partner: Lauren Hashian


Dwayne Johnson, also known by his ring name The Rock as a professional wrestler.
Luke Hobbs is a veteran Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) officer and one of the top 3 characters among the Fast and Furious 7 cast (other 2 being Dominic Toretto and Brian O’Conner), who once was after Dominic Toretto and his team for the murder of 4 DEA agents. Since they were actually murder by Reyes’ men, Hobbs eventually joins Dom and plans to take down the actual villain.

fast and furious 7 cast luke hobbs

The character of Hobbs was introduced in the franchise during its fifth installment and ever since has been one of the best all-time characters of Fast and Furious series, especially fast and furious 7 cast.

Hobbs is sitting in his office going through some case files and is having some conversation with Elena following which she departs from the office. Hobbs follows her and hands over a recommendation letter to her and returns back to his office. He is shocked to see Deckard Shaw in his office downloading some classified information from his computer. Deckard Shaw is the elder brother of Owen Shaw who was defeated by Hobbs along with Dom and his team. Deckard Shaw is planning to avenge his brother’s injuries. That’s why he breaks into Hobbs’ office in order to extract the whereabouts of Dom’s team. Hobbs gets into a hand to hand fight with Deckard. Both are equal in strength but Elena returns to the office and lends her support to Hobbs. Deckard throws an explosive towards them which lands near Elena following which Hobbs grabs her and jumps out through the window. The intensity of the explosion is so high that both are thrown several feet away from the building and on top of a car. The fast and furious 7 cast performed brilliantly in this scene.

Hobbs is hospitalized because of a broken arm and leg. Meanwhile, Samantha, daughter of Hobbs, is also brought to the hospital and she asks Elena to warn Dom. On the other side, Brian and Mia’s house is also blown up due to an explosive sent by Deckard Shaw. Dom visits Hobbs in the hospital and learns about Deckard Shaw. He asks Hobbs about what he should do now. But Hobbs refuses to do anything as of now. Dom informs him about the death of Han Seoul-Oh which was plotted by Deckard and also about the bombing of Brian’s house. Hobbs is shocked to hear that and tells Dom not to miss his shot to kill Deckard, following which Dom leaves from there. This was one of the best shots by fast and furious 7 cast.

In a mind-blowing action sequence, whole Fast and Furious 7 cast go after Deckard Shaw and his ally Jakande whereas Hobbs is still in the hospital recovering from his injuries. A news report flashes on the television screen about the destruction of the Downtown district in Los Angeles. Suddenly, he witnesses the destruction of a radio tower which is within his sight and understands Dom and his team are fighting Deckard Shaw. In order to help them, he readies himself for the battle ahead and leaves the hospital in an ambulance. He manages to track Jakandes’ drone that is after Ramsey(a hacker) and Letty, in order to take it down, he drives his ambulance off the bridge and finally intercepts the drone. He survives through the stunt and damages the camera mounted on the drone. Using the turret mounted on the drone, Hobbs tries to destroy Jakandes’ helicopter but fails to do so.

Meanwhile, Dom crash lands after trying to drive his 1970 Dodge Charger R/T into Jakandes’ helicopter but manages to clip a bag full of grenades on its belly and Hobbs fires from his revolver and successfully destroys the helicopter due to which Jakande is killed on the spot. Hobbs helps Letty to pull injured Dom out of the car wreck and stands by while Letty tries to revive Dom from his unconsciousness. When Dom regains his senses, Hobbs arrests Deckard and takes him to a highly secured prison. Deckard makes a promise to Hobbs that he will escape from the prison as he is not yet done with Fast and Furious 7 cast. Hobbs promises back that he will be waiting for him.

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