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Jordana Brewster
Mia Toretto

Birth Name: Jordana Brewster
Nickname: MRod
Birth Date: April 26, 1980
Birth Place: Panama City, Panama
Spouse: Andrew Form


A supporting character in Fast And Furious, Mia Toretto is the sister of Dominic Toretto and girlfriend of Brian O'Conner who once used to be an undercover cop working to expose the illegal activities of Dom. Her immense love for her brother leads her to get involved in a plan to free Dom from arrest and eventually, takes part in his every crime. She is an excellent driver and falls in love with Brian and has a child "Jack" with him.

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After the encounter with Owen Shaw, Mia and Brian O'Conner get settled for the sake of their child Jack and refrain from taking part in any of the escapades of Fast And Furious 7 Cast. They both try to adjust to this new low-key lifestyle but Brian having an audacious personality misses his early life full of new death defying adventures every day. This makes Mia a bit worried as she does not want Brian to be unhappy with his life. In a conversation with Dom, she discusses all these things with him but Dom tells her to give Brian some time. Mia tells him what if she gives him 9 months? Will that be enough? And at that point of time, Dom realizes that she is pregnant for the second time and insists that she must tell this to Brian.

Meanwhile, Deckard Shaw, older brother of Owen Shaw, plans to avenge his brother's injuries and after breaking into Luke Hobbs' office extracts all the information about Fast And Furious 7 Cast. To kick start his revenge plan sends a parcel to Mia and Brian's house. Dom while talking to Mia receives a call from Deckard who reveals himself and his intentions to him. Dom realizes the parcel is from Deckard and is hardly able to save Mia and himself from the explosion which totally shatters the house. Since the entire Fast And Furious 7 Cast are aware of the threat they are about to face, Mia and Jack are sent to the house of Mando who is one of the good friends of Dom and lives in the Dominican Republic.

Even when Brian should invest his time fully in his family, Mia is aware of the current situations and tells Brian to go with Dom and help him out in taking down Deckard. She also tells him to promise that he will come back to her and once this matter is sorted out they will retire from the team completely and will live their life with and for Jack.

In an action packed encounter with Deckard, Fast And Furious 7 Cast is trying their best to have an upper hand on him but due to his surprise ambush, they are not able to do so. Meanwhile, Brian senses that he may not return alive to Mia decides to call her and tells her that if she does not hear from him in 24 hours, she must take Jack and move on in her life. But Mia refuses to that and reminds him about his promise of coming back to her as they have to still do a lot for Jack. She also tells him that she is again pregnant with a baby girl, thus, he must come back to her alive.

After a lot of pursuits and fighting scenes, Fast And Furious 7 Cast along with the help of Luke Hobbs successfully defeat Deckard and kill his ally terrorist Mose Jakande. In the final scenes of the movie, Brian returns back to Mia and they are seen playing with Jack at the beach when rest of the Fast And Furious 7 Cast are watching them and decide to retire them as they have to look after their family now.

Important Mentions

Mia is the youngest in her family after her brother Dominic Toretto. Her father was a professional stock driver. She was very close to him as he would often help her with her studies. But following a tragic accident caused by Kenny Linder, her father was killed in a stock car race due to which she was devastated. Her brother, Dom, tried to kill Kenny but was failed to do so and ended up being sentenced. This is for the first time, she takes part in an illegal activity as she wants to free her brother from his arrest. From that point of time, she has always taken part in his each and every crime.

From the very beginning, the character of Mia may not be as appealing as that of the rest of the cast but the way this character has been portrayed explains it a lot in itself. Her love and care for her family and at the same time furiousness and rage for her enemy defines the variety this character packs.

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