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Tej Parker

Birth Name: Christopher Brian Bridges
Nickname: Luda, Tha Ludameister, Chris
Spouse: Eudoxie Mbouguiengue
Birth Date: September 11, 1977
Birth Place: Champaign, Illinois, U.S.


Tej Parker is a character who not only knows how to open a car till its last screw but also is a technical expert who can hack into any machine one can imagine. He is a former street racer and a friend of Brian O'Conner. In short, a perfect mix of what is required to be a member of Fast and Furious 7 Cast. He got into the team when he was hired by Dominic Toretto to steal money from a Portuguese businessman, Hernan Reyes.

Ludacris as Tej Parker Furious 7After the encounter with Owen Shaw, the racing team is living their lives peacefully unaware of what they are about to face. Deckard Shaw, the older brother of Owen Shaw is planning to avenge his brother's injuries. He breaks into the office of DSS agent Luke Hobbs where he extracts all the confidential information of the racing team from his computer. He got into a fight with Hobbs along with Elena who is forced to jump out of the window as Deckard throws a grenade at them. Deckard starts off his plan by killing Han in Tokyo. He sends a parcel containing explosives to Toretto house where Dom, Mia, and Brian manage to save their lives by jumping out of the house before the bomb detonates. Dom visits Hobbs in the hospital and learns about the threat he and his team are about to face.

When the entire Fast and Furious 7 Cast learn about Han's death, they go to his funeral where Tej and Roman ask Brian who can be behind all this and also tell him that they don't want to attend the funeral of any more friends. Brian tells them that they will attend one last funeral and that will be of Deckard Shaw. Dom notices Deckard's presence and he follows him into a tunnel where they crash their cars head to head. While Deckard is about to shoot Dom, Mr. Nobody's team comes to his rescue but Deckard runs off from there.

Mr. Nobody takes Dom to the Operation Base where he discusses a plan of rescuing a hacker known as Ramsey from a terrorist Mose Jakandes' hold. Ramsey has developed a program called "God's Eye" which can hack into any piece of digital hardware. In return, Dom can use "God's Eye" to track and eliminate Deckard. Dom agrees to the deal on a condition that he will work with his own crew. To his surprise, Mr. Nobody has already brought the Fast and Furious 7 Cast to the base.

While Fast and Furious 7 cast along with Mr. Nobody is discussing how to rescue Ramsey, Roman proposes his own plan and with the help of Tej, they decide to attack the convoy in the Caucasus Mountains. After all the planning and preparations are done, the Fast and Furious 7 Cast is ready to airdrop from the plane. Roman is very much nervous and Tej starts to pull his leg while rest of the crew take their share of a laugh before the real action begins. After all the crew members except Roman reverse dive out of the plane, Tej remotely activates the parachute on Roman's car and forcefully makes him airdrop, to which Roman tells Tej how much he hates him. Tej is driving a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, a bulletproof vehicle, and provides a shield for his team when they are fired upon by Jakandes' men. They create a formation and punch through the convoy to get access to the bus in which Ramsey is kept. Dom and Letty shoot harpoons at the rear end of the bus whereas Tej and Brian blow them off. After a series of twists and turns, the Fast and Furious 7 cast successfully rescue Ramsey.

Ramsey tells the team that she has mailed the "God's Eye" to her friend "Safar" in Abu Dhabi. The Fast and Furious 7 cast travel to Abu Dhabi and meet Safar, who tells them that he has sold the "God's Eye" to a rich Prince who is, fortunately, partying in one of the Etihad Towers. He manages to get some passes for the team. Letty breaks into the Prince's bedroom and helps Tej and Ramsey to break into the security system of the tower. Tej hacks the security network and remotely opens the vault where the flash drive, containing "God's Eye", is kept. Dom and Brian steal it back from the Prince. Ramsey uses the "God's Eye" to track Deckard, who is hiding in a factory. Dom, Brian, and Mr. Nobody's team go after Deckard but are surprise attacked by Mose Jakande and his men. Mr. Nobody is injured and Jakande gets his hand on "God's Eye". The Fast and Furious 7 cast travel back to Los Angeles as they think that they can easily defeat Deckard on the streets they are well aware of.

Back in Los Angeles, Tej suggests hacking the "God's Eye" in order to gain the controls. This way they can get an upper hand over the enemy. The Fast and Furious 7 cast ride in the streets saving Ramsey from Jakande and at the same time, hacking into the "God's Eye". After a good team effort, they hack into the "God's Eye" while Dom fights Deckard in a street style. In the end, Jakande is killed and Deckard is kept in a high-security prison cell.

In the final moments of the movie, the Fast and Furious 7 Cast are celebrating on a beach where Tej tells them all why it is time to retire Brian from the team as his priorities have changed.

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