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Michelle Rodriguez
Leticia Letty Ortiz

Birth Name: Mayte Michelle Rodriguez
Nickname: MRod
Birth Date: July 12, 1978
Birth Place: San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A


A racing enthusiast and a car lover, Letty Ortiz has been into cars from the time she was only 10 years old. Married to Dominic Toretto, Letty Ortiz is in no way less than her husband. Be it life risking races or mind boggling stunts, Letty has no place for fear under her flesh.

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In Fast And Furious 7, Letty is trying hard to regain her lost memory and Dom is helping her in doing so. He takes her to "Race Wars", which was invented by them and makes her to race. Letty is a highly experienced and daredevil driver wins the race but meanwhile experiences some flashbacks from her past. This triggers something within her and she punches the race organizer Hector and runs away from the scene.

Dom goes after her and manages to find her near her empty grave. She is frustrated with the fact that she cannot remember anything from last 15 years of her life. She is also uncomfortable with the way he looks at her and at the same time feels bad for him as she cannot properly reciprocate his feelings. Listening to her concerns, Dom tries to destroy the tombstone on her empty grave but Letty stops him. She tells him that she cannot remember anything from her past but now she wants to find herself, she wants to remember every bit of the last 15 years and for doing so, she has to leave him.

Meanwhile, Owen Shaw's older brother Deckard Shaw plans to avenge his brother's injuries and breaks into Hobbs' office and extracts information of Fast And Furious 7 cast. He starts his revenge by killing Han and blowing Brian's house. When Letty learns about Deckard, she re-joins the Fast and Furious 7 cast to take down Shaw.

One of the biggest challenges for the Fast and Furious 7 cast is to track Shaw and for that, they get a proposal from Mr. Nobody. They have to rescue a hacker Ramsey from a terrorist namely Mose Jakande. Ramsey has created a software called "God's Eye" which will help them to track down Shaw.  The whole Fast And Furious 7 Cast plan and attack Jakandes' convoy on a mountain and save Ramsey. Meanwhile, Brian is trapped in Jakandes' convoy and is forced to escape through the emergency exit. Letty comes in a jiffy and manages to save him from falling off, whereas, Dom along with Ramsey in his Dodge Charger R/T also escape by driving off a cliff.

After some action packed sequence, the Fast And Furious 7 Cast manage to get their hands on "God's Eye" and use it to track Shaw but are surprised due to the fact that he has joined his hands with Jakande. And because of the counter ambush laid by the duo, they are forced to return to Los Angeles where they can easily beat Shaw and Jakande as they are familiar with the roads there.

Back in Los Angeles, Ramsey along with Letty tries to hack into "God's Eye" to regain the control but is attacked by Jakandes' drone. Hobbs reaches on time and manages to take down the drone by crashing his ambulance into it. Ramsey successfully gains access into "God's Eye" and takes control. While Dom fights and defeats Shaw in a hand to hand battle, Hobbs along with Letty and Ramsey are attacked by Jakandes' helicopter and Dom tries to save them by crashing his Dodge Charger into the helicopter but instead misses it and crashes directly onto the ground. Soon, Hobbs realizes that there is a bag full of grenades hanging down the belly of the helicopter and uses his revolver to shoot the bag killing Jakande on spot.

With Brian's help, Letty drags unconscious Dom out of the car wreck and they try CPR on him but he does not open his eyes. Letty with tearful eyes talks to Dom and tells him she remembers everything even the day they had married. Dom regains his senses and again she asks him why he never told her about their marriage. Dom says, "You can't tell someone they love you".

In the final moments of the movie, whole Fast And Furious 7 Cast along with Ramsey are relaxing on a beach where Letty, Dom, and the others are talking about the fact that how things will change now as Brian is now retiring.

Important Mentions

The character of Letty in Furious 7 may not be as compelling as compared to rest of the Fast and Furious 7 cast but the way this character has been portrayed from the first installments of the franchise makes it very important. As in Fast and Furious 4, Dominic learns from Mia that Letty has been murdered; Dominic faces a very hard time to try and digest the absence of his beloved wife. But, the creators once again surprised the audience when in Furious 5 Luke Hobbs receives a robbery case file containing Letty's photo.

In the sixth installment of Fast and Furious, Letty is shown working for Owen Shaw who runs a mercenary organization. Also, Letty is suffering from amnesia due to which she does not remember anything from her past. As Dom learns about Letty being alive and he makes repeated attempts to reach out to her. Even after getting a shot at by Letty, he eventually manages to convince her to be on his side. This was one of the best scenes executed by the Fast and Furious 7 cast.

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