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Nathalie Emmanuel
Megan Ramsey

Birth Name: Nathalie Joanne Emmanuel
Birth Date: March 2, 1989
Birth Place: Southend-on-Sea, Essex, England


Ramsey is a hacker and has created a hacking software known as "God's Eye". God's Eye can be used to easily hack into any piece of technology and obtain all the vital information to its user. Ramsey is well aware of the fact that, it ended up in wrong hands, how much destruction can her software "God's Eye" prove to be. Ramsey is a supporting character in Fast and Furious 7 and though it is not a significant character, one must not forget how Fast and Furious 7 Cast members are able to complete their mission only because of Ramsey's help.

Hunger Games Cast Nathalie EmmanuelAfter the encounter with Owen Shaw, his older brother Deckard Shaw plans to avenge his brother's injuries. When the Fast and Furious 7 Cast knows the threat they are about to face they soon realize how much danger he actually is. Since it is almost impossible to track him down, they are left only with one option that is to use a hacking software "God's Eye" to track and eliminate Deckard Shaw. God's Eye is created by a hacker known as Ramsey but in order to get their hands on the software, they must first rescue Ramsey from a terrorist Mose Jakande.

Fast and Furious 7 Cast travel to the Caucasus Mountains where Ramsey is been taken in a convoy. In a breathtaking and mind-blowing action filled pursuit, Ramsey is rescued by Dominic Toretto who is driving his 1970 Dodge Charger. Deckard Shaw, who has come to kill Fast and Furious 7 Cast, tries to run Dominic off the road due to which Ramsey is almost killed but Dom uses the hydraulic system in the charger to push Ramsey up towards the roof of the car and Ramsey finally manages to get in. Deckard again follows Dom into the forest but Roman Pierce comes to their rescue and pushes Deckard off a steep incline, thus ending the pursuit. Since Jakande is also following them, Dom advises Ramsey to put on a helmet and drives his car off the cliff and away from Jakande.

After Ramsey gains her consciousness, Fast and Furious 7 Cast quickly check if she has got any injuries and when they make sure she is perfectly fine, Dom asks her about the location of "God's Eye". Ramsey tells them that in order to keep it safe she has sent the "God's Eye" to one of her friends, Safar in Abu Dhabi. When asked about why she gave the information so easily to them and not to Jakande, she replies she trusted them because of the loyalty they show towards each other.

After the information they got from Ramsey, Fast and Furious 7 Cast travel to Abu Dhabi to meet Safar. Safar has sold the "God's Eye" to a rich prince who wanted to use it in his car Lykan Hypersport. Fortunately, the prince is partying in one of the Etihad Towers. Safar manages to get Fast and Furious 7 Cast invited to the party. While Ramsey, Tej, and Letty are busy with hacking into the security of the tower, Dom and Brian are able to get access to Lykan Hypersport. Letty is caught by one of the prince's security guards Kara due to which Ramsey and Tej are no longer able to hack into the tower's security. They both are forced to flee from there and then they regroup with others at Safar's garage.

After some action-packed sequence, Fast and Furious 7 Cast finally has the "God's Eye" in their possession. Ramsey uses "God's Eye" to track down Deckard who is hiding in an abandoned factory where they are shocked by the ambush laid by Deckard. Deckard has joined hands with Jakande and after losing "God's Eye" to Jakande the Fast and Furious 7 Cast decide to return back to Los Angeles where they can easily take down Deckard as they know all the streets there. Ramsey also follows them to Los Angeles where she along with the rest of the team prepare a plan to hack into the "God's Eye" and regain control over it. Deckard and Jakande also arrive at Los Angeles to eliminate Fast and Furious 7 Cast including Ramsey. Brian takes Ramsey in his 2012 Nissan GTR-R35 and Ramsey starts to hack into the "God's Eye". Meanwhile, Jakande uses "God's Eye" to locate Ramsey and with the help of a remote-controlled drone, tries to kill them. Brian passes her to Roman Pierce and Tej, and while she continues to hack into the software Jakande destroys the radio tower she was using. Due to the lost connection and continuous ambush by the drone, Roman and Tej are forced to abandon their car before it is destroyed under a bridge. But Ramsey is taken into Letty's car, also hiding under the same bridge making Jakande believe that Ramsey is dead.

Ramsey and Letty again try to hack into the "God's Eye" and are again attacked by the drone. Luke Hobbs crashes a stolen ambulance into the drone saving Ramsey and Letty from getting killed. Ramsey successfully hacks into the "God's Eye" and regains control over it. This makes Jakande furious and he goes all aggressive to kill Ramsey and Letty but is killed by joint efforts of Luke Hobbs and Dominic Toretto.

In the final moments of the movie, Ramsey joins the Fast and Furious 7 Cast on a beach where they all watch Brian and Mia playing with their son, Jack. Dom is about to leave when Ramsey asks him if he plans to say Goodbye to them. Dom replies that it's never Goodbye and leaves from there.

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