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Paul Walker
Brian O’Conner

Birth Name: Paul William Walker IV
Nick Name: Pablo
Birth Date: September 12, 1973
Birth Place: Glendale, California
Died: November 30, 2013


From the first installment of the Fast and Furious franchise, the character of Brian has always been very important for each movie plot.

fast and furious 7 cast paul walker

Initially, an undercover police officer investigating a truck hijacking case followed by several turns of events, Brian eventually joins Dom’s team because of his passion for street racing. A strong character always ready to take life risking decisions, Brian has a compulsive desire for excitement and adventure.

Brian O’Conner is one of the main characters in Fast and furious 7 cast.

After defeating Owen Shaw in Furious 6, Brian returns to the US along with rest of the team but dedicates his time to be a good father keeping himself away from his early adventurous lifestyle.

Mia is once again pregnant with Brian’s child but hesitates to tell Brian because of the difficulties he is already facing in living a normal life. Meanwhile, Deckard Shaw, brother of Owen Shaw, plans to seek revenge for his brother’s injuries. His revenge plan starts off with blowing Brian and Mia’s house.

After learning about Deckard’s intentions from Luke Hobbs, whole Fast and Furious 7 cast plan to eliminate him and Brian also joins the team. Before leaving for the expedition, Brian makes a promise to Mia that after all the problems are sorted out, he will dedicate his entire time to his family.

In a pursuit of tracking down Deckard, they meet a person called Mr. Nobody who offers them a proposal. They have to save a hacker known as Ramsey from a terrorist namely Mose Jakande. Ramsey has developed a hacking program called “God’s Eye”, which the crew can use to track Deckard.

Brian and the crew attack Jakandes’ convoy by air-dropping their cars over the Caucasus mountain and succeed in rescuing Ramsey from Jakandes’ hold and only then they get to know that Ramsey is a girl. After Ramsey gains her consciousness, she provides the location of God’s Eye to the team.

Here onwards, the audience gets to watch a lot of breathtaking action as the Fast and Furious 7 cast leave for Abu Dhabi to meet Ramsey’s friend “Safar”. Safar informs them that he has sold the God’s Eye to a very rich prince who is supposedly partying in one of the Etihad Towers. The team manages to get in the penthouse and after fighting with the guards, they get their hands on the God’s Eye which actually is a flash drive.

With the help of God’s Eye, Brian and the rest of team along with Mr. Nobody finally gets to find Deckard Shaw who is hiding in a factory. On reaching the scene, they are surprisingly ambushed by Deckard and Jakandes’ men. Due to this sudden attack, Mr. Nobody is wounded and his men are killed.

Brian and Dom manage to save him by escaping from the premises. Jakande gets the God’s Eye and Mr. Nobody warns Brian and Dom that Jakande can track down and kill Ramsey with the help of God’s Eye as Ramsey is the only person able to destroy it.

Brian and Dom are left with no choice due to which they along with the team return back to Los Angeles. They feel that they can defeat Deckard on the streets they are aware of. Dom decides to face Deckard alone since Brian and rest of the team plan to deal with Jakande.

Brian calls Mia and confesses his love as he is fully aware of the fact that he may not return alive. Mia motivates him to return safely to her as she is pregnant with a baby girl. Meanwhile, Jakande, with the help of God’s Eye, track and attack Brian, Ramsey, and rest of the team with a stealth attack helicopter and a UAV. In an exciting and breathtaking action sequence, Brian somehow establishes a connection for Ramsey to hack into God’s Eye and shut it down. The team eventually kill Jakande and Deckard is also imprisoned.

In the last moments, the Fast and Furious 7 cast celebrate on a beach. Brian and Mia play with their son and Dom along with rest of the team decide to retire Brian as he has to take care of his family now.

Dom silently leaves and drives off but Brian notices him leaving and manages to catch up to him asking, “You thought you could leave without saying good bye?”. Dom smiles and they bid each other farewell as Dom drives ahead on the main road and Brian turns off to a different route.

Important Mentions: Paul Walker was a very important part of the Fast and Furious franchise. In a very tragic accident, he left this world on November 30, 2013, when the shooting of Fast and Furious 7 was yet to complete.

The makers didn’t want to erase his character from the movie so they used various CGI techniques and with the help of Paul’s two brothers, all his pending scenes were completed. The last moments of the Furious 7 were dedicated especially to Paul Walker.
RIP Pablo! You will always be remembered.


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