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Tyrese Gibson
Roman Pearce

Birth Name: Tyrese Darnell Gibson
Nick Name: Black-Ty, Tyrese
Spouse: Samantha Lee Gibson
Birth Date: December 30, 1978
Birth Place: Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.


The character of Roman Pearce can be regarded as "The Funny Bone" of entire Fast and Furious 7 Cast. The sense of humor present in this guy is what makes the audience laugh even during a pursuit full of seriousness. Roman Pearce, basically, is the childhood friend of Brian O'Conner and had been involved in all his endeavors right from his young age. But, as Brian O'Conner became a police officer, Roman started to keep a distance from him and when Roman was arrested for housing stolen cars in a garage, he thought Brian as his enemy. After some time, they again joined hands and together started working with Dominic Toretto and thus, became a part of Fast and Furious Cast.

Tryese Bibson as Roman Pearce Furious 7When Deckard Shaw plans to avenge his brother's injuries, he starts with killing Han and sending a package full of explosives to Toretto House. But fortunately, Dom along with his sister Mia and Brian manage to save themselves by jumping out of the house. When all the Fast and Furious 7 Cast are informed about the threat they are about to face, they gather at the funeral of Han where Roman is also present. Roman meets Brian and asks him to promise that they won't be going to any more funerals. Brian assures him that if they will ever visit any funeral now, that will be of Deckard Shaw.

As Fast and Furious members are having a tough time tracking Deckard Shaw, Mr. Nobody comes to their rescue. He tells them about a software called "God's Eye", which they can use to track and eliminate Deckard. But the challenge which lies ahead is that they have to first rescue Ramsey (creator of the software) from a terrorist, Mose Jakande. When Mr. Nobody briefs the Fast and Furious 7 Cast about his plan, Roman makes an objection by saying that he is bored to do the things he is told to do. He would either do it on his own terms or he will back out. Dominic gives him a chance but he is not fully prepared with his own plan. He suggests Dom attack the convoy from a place which will prove as a surprise to the enemy and the Cast will get an upper hand against Jakandes' team. They plan to attack Jakandes' men on the Caucasus Mountains by airdropping their cars on the site.

When they airdrop their cars from the cargo plane, Roman wimps out and stays back in the plane but Tej remotely activates parachute on his Camaro pulling Roman out of the plane. As he is late to airdrop his car from the plane, he ends up landing in the forest resulting in him not taking part in the real pursuit. While the team is trying their best to rescue Ramsey from Jakande, Deckard Shaw makes an entry on the scene and he tries to kill Dominic as he is helping Ramsey to get in his car. Deckard chases Dom into the forest where Roman comes to their rescue and takes Deckard out of the chase. As they are attacked by Jakandes' men, Dom tells Roman to go with the others and in the end jumps his Dodge Charger off a cliff to evade Jakande and is later rescued by the rest of Fast and Furious 7 Cast.

After successfully rescuing Ramsey from Jakandes' goons, the Fast and Furious 7 Cast regroup and make sure Ramsey is not injured. Ramsey praises their way of working together and describes Roman as "The Team Joker". Roman is offended by those words but quickly responds by saying that he is "Double Alpha and Man Candy". Ramsey gives them the location of "God's Eye" which she has kept safely with her friend "Safar". Fast and Furious 7 Cast travel to Abu Dhabi to meet Safar who tells them that he has sold the "God's Eye" to a rich Prince. Now, they have to steal "God's Eye" from the Prince who is partying in "Etihad Towers".

As Fast and Furious 7 Cast plan to steal the "God's Eye" from the prince, Roman is assigned with a task to give a distraction if need be. While Tej and Ramsey try to break into the security system of the building, Roman hijacks the stage and sings a birthday song. This draws all the attention towards him including the Prince's security guards giving a clear room to Brian and Dom as they manage to get to the Prince's Car. Meanwhile, Letty is fighting with Kara, the chief bodyguard of the Prince. Their fight leads them outside the room and they both run into the railing and fall over the edge onto the DJ System. Deckard also breaks into the party with an assault rifle and fires some rounds at Dom and Brian who are trying to extract "God's Eye" from the car. Roman helps Letty to escape safely out of the tower.

Back in Los Angeles, when Fast and Furious 7 Cast is working together to kill Jakande and Deckard, Rome helps Tej to keep Ramsey safe from Jakande while she hacks into the "God's Eye" to regain control over it. In the end, Jakande is killed and Deckard is arrested by Luke Hobbs and put in a high-security prison cell. In the last moments of the movie, Roman along with Ramsey are enjoying with the rest of Fast and Furious 7 Cast on a beach, where they all watch Brian and Mia play with their child and decide to let Brian take care of his family now.

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