Fast and Furious 7 Cast - Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel
Dominic Toretto

Birth Name: Mark Sinclair
Nick Name: Vin
Spouse: Paloma Jimenez
Birth Date: July 18, 1967
Birth Place: Alameda County, California, USA


Dominic Toretto or Dom is one of the main characters in Fast and furious 7 cast. He is a street racing enthusiast and an auto mechanic. He has a sister Mia Toretto who is married to Brian O’Conner. Dom is a man with strong family values, ready to face anything meant to harm his family.

fast and furious 7 cast vin diesel

After all the action and thrill in Furious 6, Dom is a free man now. He and all his friends are living a normal life now. Dom’s wife Letty Ortiz is suffering from the partial loss of her memory and couldn’t remember the last 15 years of her life.

In Californian desert, Dom is trying to get his wife memory back by taking her to Race Wars. Dom asked Letty to take part in a race. Letty gets the flashbacks of some random memories when she wins a race. She feels fragmented as she can not even remember her feelings for Dom. This gave an interesting turn to the plot to showcase the brilliant skills of the Fast and Furious 7 cast members.

In Los Angeles, Dom is with his sister Mia Toretto. Mia tells him about the package from Tokyo she received in his name. She is sharing her concern with Dom about the difficulties Brian is facing in living a normal life. 

Dominic tries to assure her and asks her to have some patience and then Mia announces that she is pregnant again. Dom is happy and tells Mia to share this news with Brian immediately. He is unaware of the plans of DeckardShaw until he receives a call from him and then realizes that the package is from Deckard who is all set to avenge his brother, Owen Shaw's injuries. He quickly gets himself & Mia out of the house before the package destroys their home. 

After this incident, Dominic Toretto meets an injured Luke Hobbs and collects the story so far. Hobbs explained Deckard’s intentions to Dom and tells him that he is the elder brother of Owen Shaw and responsible for the death of Dom’s friend Han Seoul-Oh.

Dom travels to Tokyo and speaks with Sean Boswell who is Han’s friend. Sean gives the belongings of Han to Dom which includes Dom’s cross necklace and a picture of Gisele. After this, Dom buries these belongings in Los Angeles and makes a promise to avenge his death.

Roman Pearce and Tej Parker, friends of Brian also attend the funeral and join the pursuit of avenging the death of Han. Meanwhile, during the funeral, Dom senses the presence of Deckard and chases him through Los Angeles and the thrill begins, each trying to crash into the other’s car.

Dom is about to get shot by Shaw but a Covert Ops team arrives on the spot forcing Shaw to run away. After a short convo with the team, Dom learns about a proposal from Mr. Nobody who wants him to save a hacker, Ramsey a new member in Fast and Furious Cast, from a terrorist namely Mose Jakande.

Ramsey has developed a hacking program called “God’s Eye” which can help Dom to track Deckard Shaw. Dom agrees with the proposal on one condition i.e., he will work on his own terms and with his own crew.

Dom and others build up a plan to rescue Ramsey from Jakandes’ grip. Then, they attack his convoy on a mountain. After a series of mind-blowing and breathtaking action, Dom is able to free Ramsey from Jakandes’ hold.

Once Ramsey gains her consciousness, she willingly provides the location of God’s Eye to the crew. Afterward, Dom and the team travel to Abu Dhabi and meet Safar, who happens to be Ramsey’s friend. Safar has sold the God’s Eye to a rich prince who fortunately is partying in one of the Etihad Towers.

Again, we are left with some blood gushing fight scenes and in the end, they recover the God’s Eye which actually is a small USB drive. This was the perfectly executed moment of the Fast and Furious 7 cast.

With the help of God’s Eye, Dom gets to know about the location of Deckard Shaw and along with Mr. Nobody, Brian, and Ramsey, goes out to hunt him down. On reaching the scene, they get to know that Deckard and Jakande have teamed up against them. This unexpected counter-attack from Deckard forces Dom to escape the premises. Dom and the team realize that they can defeat Deckard only in Los Angeles as they have an upper hold on him there.

The last battle against Dom and Deckard, we get to see some car chases topped with traditional street fighting between the two where Dom beats Deckard. Meanwhile, Jakande is trying to kill rest of the crew with his helicopter.

Dominic tries to crash his car into the helicopter but fails to do so and instead, crash lands. Hobbs aims at the grenades hanging to the belly of the helicopter and kills Jakande. Dom is pulled out of the wrecked vehicle and even after a CPR, doesn't regain his senses.

Dominic opens his eyes after a few emotional dialogues about Letty. They were about how she regained her memory. The revenge of Dom was done and Shaw is in the bars of a CIA black site prison. In the last moments of the film, the Fast and Furious 7 cast, Dom and his team enjoy some family moments on the beach. Later, Dom bid farewell to Brian and drives off. 

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